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Brush Party are the UK’s 'Paint and Sip' experts. We have been established since November 2015 and are now operating over 1000 Brush Party events a year with a 'hands on' experienced management team committed to growing the business Nationwide.

We are part of one of the fastest growing business trends. The 'Paint & Sip' industry has stormed America and Brush Party have blazed a trail in the UK market. Our goal is to become a household name and be the ‘go to’ company for a fun night out, a creative date night, children’s party, fundraiser, or company team-building event.

Our proven Brush Party model is a fun and profitable lifestyle based business. Opening a franchise with Brush Party allows you to capitalize on an established business model which has grown enormously since it’s creation just over four years ago.



Our Head Office Team is dedicated to supporting you and your franchise. You can rely on us to assist you at every step of your journey. We are fully focused on ensuring your continued success and helping you with all of your business needs, not just at the start, but throughout your journey.

Comprehensive training

Brush Party UK has a comprehensive training program to give you the specific tools and skills you need to help you succeed. Our training takes place in live, working scenarios, which will equip you with the necessary on-job experience. Coupled with this is a comprehensive Operations Manual to guide you through every step.


We have the perfect formula to get you started and keep you going with the supplies and systems you need, and a team of experts to support and advise you on everything going forward. Our extensive and proven painting library grows each month as our team of artists add to it. You will never be short of new paintings to choose from. Add your own design to our library and there’s a generous and profitable royalty scheme in place that pays you every time your painting is used.

Team collaboration

One of the best things about starting your own Brush Party franchise is the team you become part of. You get the best of both worlds when it comes to owning your own business and having the support and encouragement of our growing family. Business ownership can be a long and lonely road for many, but not at Brush Party. Our team shares ideas, challenges, successes and best practices. You can be your own boss and still lean on the support of a strong network of knowledgeable people!


Marketing your Brush Party franchise is managed at two levels: local and national.

Local: You will manage the local marketing of your Brush Party area and will likely start doing this as soon as you sign the franchise contract.

There are many ways we market Brush Party. Our team will train you on how best to encourage interaction and contact in the community and on social media channels. In addition to your franchise-specific Facebook page, we have developed a suite of ‘how-to’ guidelines on grammar, imagery, online networking and much more, to help you to use every channel as effectively as possible.

National: Aside from your marketing efforts in your area, the UK marketing team will support the promotion of your franchise by developing and promoting the Brush Party brand nationally. Increasing brand recognition across the UK benefits all franchisees.

UK brand marketing includes:

  • Managing the Brush Party UK website. This is the first port of call for most customers and it offers the business reputability. It also generates a significant number of private and corporate event enquiries which are then forwarded to the relevant franchisee.
  • Designing a suite of marketing collateral that you can use to promote the service in your local area. This includes flyers, posters, presentation boards, etc.
  • Continuing to evolve the Brush Party UK social media presence by keeping these pages up to date daily with news, events and stories from all franchises.
  • Listing Brush Party UK on business directory websites.
  • Collaborating with third party ‘Experience Day’ voucher sellers such as Red Letter Days to further our visibility and reach.



The “Paint and Sip” industry is an established concept in the USA and has seen substantial growth over the last decade, proving long term stability. Here in the UK, it is still a relatively undiscovered, unsaturated market. We’re about to change that! We’ve grown and grown since we formed and we’re now recognised as the UK’s premier “Paint and Sip” company!

It is estimated that the crafts industries currently turn over around £400m annually - more than double that of ten years ago, with a rise of 20% in the number of arts/crafts businesses over the same period. The industry is continuing to build on a solid and consistent growth rate in consumer craft activities of approximately 5% year on year. Research has shown significant shifts in consumer demand, towards value-centred products, services and experiences which meet emotional as well as functional needs.

Art and craft spending appears to be holding up better than spending on related categories – designer and luxury goods. Analysis of the research combined with a review of the consumer trends literature, suggests that the following identified key trends are influencing or likely to have an effect on the evolution of the market:

Personalisation: as art and craft is perceived as more ‘personal’ and ‘individual’ than designer or luxury goods, craft businesses can fulfil consumers’ needs to demonstrate individualism through their spending choices. Creating opportunities for the consumer to actually create and personalise the work means that businesses such as Brush Party could benefit from this trend.

The experience economy: increasing consumer interest in spending on experiences is creating new and rich opportunities for businesses such as Brush Party. The survey indicates strong potential growth in the market, by offering both integrated buying / leisure making opportunities and by using leisure making to increase the skills of the consumer.

Average household spending on recreation and culture in the UK is now nearly £70 per week...

University research recently found that people who paid for experiences rather than material items were happier and felt the money was better spent. Plus, people who have more frequent social interactions live longer, have healthier lives and experience less stress, depression and feelings of isolation. Small expenditures of money involving social interactions such as dining out, attending a Brush Party, going to a concert, or meeting up for drinks are perfect ways to de-stress, have a great time and create lasting memories. The research also found that one of the best things you can do with money to maximize the happiness return on your spend is to learn a new skill or hobby.

The “experience economy” is a huge shift in consumer behaviour, from buying things to doing things. Official data shows that households are spending less on clothes and food but more on holidays, cars, entertainment and eating out. A spokesperson for Visa Europe said; “We increasingly see a trend for consumers to spend more on experiences rather than on products...”

These findings suggest a sound future for businesses such as Brush Party, where you are offering an opportunity to develop new skills, have fun and take something tangible away at the end of the evening.

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What a fantastic concept if you want to bring a group of girls together! It was the first Brush Party for most of us (20 girls) with most of us lacking artistic abilities.... It was so much fun! We loved the way that we could each add our own creative flair. We ended up with 20 different masterpieces from one set of instructions. We will be back. Thank you all at Brush Party. The organisation was superb.
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