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Few people have the natural ability or expertise to be efficient at all aspects of running a successful business. That is where a franchisor’s experience becomes a major benefit.

Brush Party UK Franchise, like other successful franchise organisations, offer a structure for launching, operating and growing your business. Indeed, Brush Party will deliver the entire framework around which your business is built. We supply a comprehensive operations manual and training program for our franchise owners that covers marketing, operations, technology and other areas that are specific to our particular business model. These efficiencies are designed to enable you as a franchise owner to earn more and spend less time and effort than otherwise would be required to open and operate a similar business on your own.



Our franchise organization model offers you the ability to grow under our well known brand and share in the benefits of a larger group of business owners. Though each business is independently owned and managed, all franchisees share in collaborative benefits such as:

  • Group advertising resources not typically available to small, independent business owners.
  • Owning your own business and making day-to-day decisions yourself, guided by the experience of a successful business enterprise.
  • The benefit of recognized and proven trademarks, proprietary information and designs.
  • Training from successful business operators.
  • A lower risk of failure or loss of investments than if you were to start your own business from scratch.
  • Being a part of a uniform operation, which means all franchises will share the same brand and physical appearance, the same product, the same service and product quality and overall customer brand awareness.
  • Operational support from Brush Party, both before and after launching your business venture, in areas such as financing, accounting, employee training and operational procedures.
  • An opportunity to enhance your management abilities within an established business model that you couldn’t experience in most employment situations.


Franchising offers a better chance to succeed

Government research over the years has indicated that the success rate for franchise-owned endeavors is significantly better than the rate for non-franchise-owned small businesses. In short, the good news is that franchising makes up a significant part of the national economy and presents a statistically better chance for success than other business options.


The freedom factor

Most individuals seek three common elements when choosing a franchised business: Flexibility, Money and Status. These three elements are important for a variety of reasons and seem to be common denominators when people seek a new business as a career path. Flexibility has always been a hot button for entrepreneurs who exchange the stability of a “real job” for the freedom that comes with being their own boss. Money, or income, is always a factor but surprisingly is seldom the most important. Status is an all-encompassing category that includes not only titles and position, but more important, the feeling of purpose one has and being a part of something significant.

Owning a Brush Party franchise can provide you with all three of these elements if you operate your business successfully and manage your time and resources properly. Happy franchise owners make more money!

It’s been said that if you love what you do, you can’t help but succeed. There’s a lot of truth to this statement. If you can align yourself with a franchise that really fits, you’ll be much happier, which in turn results in higher productivity. This is a simple philosophy that’s often overlooked. Everyone in the Brush Party family loves their role and you are more than welcome to talk to any of them before you join us.

Text credited in part to Rick Grossman’s book Franchise Bible

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What a fantastic concept if you want to bring a group of girls together! It was the first Brush Party for most of us (20 girls) with most of us lacking artistic abilities.... It was so much fun! We loved the way that we could each add our own creative flair. We ended up with 20 different masterpieces from one set of instructions. We will be back. Thank you all at Brush Party. The organisation was superb.
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